School Charter


Mission Statement

To nurture and develop young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners and leaders.



Paddle the waka                                       Hoea te waka

Travel the best pathway                            Haere atu ki te ara tika

Seek new horizons                                    Kimihia nga maharanui-atea


Vision Statement Comments

This vision reflects the natural environment of Kaikoura, its history and the activities which occur here. It also links to the kowhaiwhai pattern on our School letterhead paper.

The vision will be unpacked with staff and students, but here are some initial thoughts:

Paddle the waka – Hoea te waka

Ties in with the waiata. ‘Paddle’ suggests working together as a team with leadership (teachers). It also suggests endeavour as it is hard work and somewhat slow and deliberate. In a waka, the paddlers are all going in the same direction.

Starting from the sea reflects the importance of the sea as a food and employment source for Maori and for early whalers and fishermen. All of us also came over the sea to New Zealand.

The South Island is also New Zealand’s waka in Maori mythology. Waka also suggests a large vessel that would hold at least a class.

Travel the best pathway – Haere atu ki te ara tika

Kaikoura High School offers a number of different pathways to students and each pathway is individual. Travel suggests the idea of a plan and a goal; also the idea of being prepared by taking along the right luggage/knowledge and skills. It could also relate to making the right choices – restorative justice and integrity – in terms of behaviour.

Seek new horizons – Kimihia nga maharanui-atea

Again a tribute to our environment. From Kaikoura, as people move inland, the mountains appear continuous. Once one range is passed, another opens up in front of us. The mountain ranges suggest life’s challenges which are never ending. New horizons also suggests that learning is future focused and lifelong.