Enrolment forms are available from the School Office or from the link below.
Enrolment interviews with new students and their parents/caregivers are conducted by the Principal/Dean of Level. New students make subject choices at the time of enrolment, and these choices can be discussed with the Principal at the enrolment interview. Any other questions or requests can also be dealt with at the same time.
Enrolment interviews for the students starting at Kaikoura High School at the beginning of each school year are usually held in Term 4 of the preceding year. These interviews are usually arranged by, and conducted at, the High School. However, parents/caregivers may choose instead to phone the School Office and make their own arrangements.



Donations & Fees

Although voluntary, the annual school donation is essential if our school is to provide a full range of equipment and educational, cultural, sporting and social activities. School donations are used to specifically benefit your child through the purchase of sports equipment, library books and computers as well as to subsidise transport for student trips in some instances.

The donations for 2018 are:

2018 School Donation

Discounted Rate if an Automatic Payment is set up, or

payment is made in full before the end of Term 1

1 child             $140.00

2 children       $200.00

3 or more       $250.00

1 child             $120.00

2 children       $180.00

3 or more       $230.00

School fees/levies are charged for take home components.

We strongly suggest that you set up a weekly automatic payment for school fees – $5.00 per week for 40 weeks, which equates to $200.00 for the school year. You may also choose to make the weekly payment a little more to cover the likes of sports trips and performances that come up throughout the year.

Please contact Sandra in the School Office if you would like to discuss setting weekly payments up. Monies owed to the School can also be paid directly into our School bank account via internet banking. Our account number is: Westpac 03-1586-0023051-00.

Students studying courses with practical work are required to pay for the costs of the take-home materials involved. Parents/caregivers are also advised at the start of the school year of subject costs/levies for subjects such as Art, Food Technology, Outdoor Education and Technology.

It is reasonable to expect parents to pay for the travel costs which are inevitably connected with activities organised away from school as part of the curriculum, e.g. field work in Geography and Biology. Every effort is made to minimise costs by ensuring that the activities are held as close to the school as possible. Parents will be informed at the beginning of the year where fieldwork is an integral part of the curriculum.

School activities such as performances by visiting drama groups are voluntary, and parents are required to pay if their child/children attend. Separate charges are also made for student travel in relation to sports fixtures and sports exchanges which students elect to attend.

Adult Students

Adult students may enrol for full-time or part-time study in courses at any level, as long as they can fulfil the entry requirements for each subject. Adult students must be at least 19 years old.