General Information

Office Support

Click here to download the Office Support for Whānau document.

School Buses

To be eligible to travel on a school bus, a student must meet the requirements laid down by the Ministry of Education. To qualify for transport students must live at least 4.8kms from the school.

At present the following areas have been allocated bus services:

  • Clarence
  • Hapuku
  • Inland Road
  • Peketa/Oaro
  • Suburban

In addition, students living some distance from a school bus route may be entitled to a travelling allowance. Enquiries about transport entitlements should be made at the time of enrolment, or by phoning the School Office.

House Colours

In 2023 there is a change to our House system – we are merging houses to create only two. House competition is a strong rivalry across sporting and academic areas with the Piripi Paddle, House Shield and Junior House trophy are up for grabs each year. The two Houses are Hiratū (blue) and Whakatū (yellow).

During the year various sporting and non-sporting competitions are run, for which House points are allocated. The events are the Athletics Sports, Swimming Sports and Cross-Country, the overall winners of which receive the Piripi Paddle. All other House activities are in competition for the Inter-House Shield.

Staff are allocated to a House and provide support and encouragement for the students.

During the first House meeting of the year, the students nominate and then have a secret ballot for their House Captains and Deputies. The role of the House Captains is to organise the students and teams in all House events and to provide student leadership and inspiration to the others.

School Uniform

Uniform for both Boys and Girls

The school uniform is compulsory for all students from Year 7 to the end of Year 12. The appearance and behaviour of students are expected to reflect the core values of the school at all times and there is a code of acceptable dress for eligible Year 13 students. All items, except shoes and the Back Road jersey, are available for purchase via the school Office. In some cases pre-loved items are available via the office at a cost of $10.

Footwear:An all-black shoe, preferably all leather, with a low heel, either lace up or with a black leather strap or T Bar. Ballerina, Crocs, open-toed shoes and coloured sports shoes are NOT permitted.
Orthotics: If a student needs to wear orthotics parents/caregivers are requested to take the regulation school shoes to the specialist and have the orthotics fitted to the School shoes.
Shirt:Short pale blue regulation shirt or blouse with the school logo on the pocket.
Jersey:Plain royal blue Back Road jersey (available from PGG or Farmlands) or zip neck fleece top. No logos.
Jacket:A plain, black or navy jacket (waterproof or puffer jacket) may be worn in cold or wet weather. Students must still wear a regulation jersey with a jacket, as a jacket should only be worn in addition to a jersey.
Hats/Beanies:Summer – The regulation plain dark or blue summer cap can be worn for sun protection. Winter – a plain dark-blue beanie can be worn for warmth. All hats must be removed when inside school buildings.
Scarves:A plain navy scarf may be worn.
Tie: School tie optional. To be worn with the new school shirts for boys and girls. Can be purchased from the school office.
Hair:Hair must be clean and tidy. Long hair needs to be tied back when students are working in the science and technology areas. Extreme hairstyles and extreme colour are not permitted. Boys’ facial hair is not permitted.
Jewellery:The only jewellery that may be worn with the school uniform is a wristwatch, one item of religious or cultural significance and one pair of small studs/sleepers in the ear lobe. Studs or sleepers must be taped or removed for all contact sports. One small subtle nose stud is permitted. Other visible piercing is not permitted.
PE/Sportswear:School PE shirt and navy shorts (above the knee) – available through the school office, white socks, sports shoes (for PE and/or outdoor sports) and tracksuit pants (see office/PE staff for details).

Boys’ Uniform


Shorts: Regulation grey drill shorts.
Socks: Regulation black socks with blue bands.


Trousers: Regulation long, dark-grey dress trousers.
Socks: Regulation black socks with blue bands.

Girls’ Uniform


Skirt: Blue and gold summer skirt (knee-length).
Shorts: Regulation grey drill shorts.
Socks: Plain white anklet socks, or regulation black socks with blue bands.


Skirt/Trousers: Royal blue/navy-check regulation skirt OR regulation pants.
Tights: Plain navy or black tights may be worn.
Socks: Plain white anklet socks, or regulation black socks with blue bands.

Please Note

  • Summer and winter uniforms can be worn to suit the weather conditions.
  • Any garments worn under school uniform must NOT be visible.
  • Makeup and coloured nail polish are not permitted.

Year 13 Senior Students’ Dress Code:

For senior students in Year 13 school uniform is optional. If mufti is chosen, dress must be smart casual attire suitable for school. Remember – you are representing the school in a leadership role. Your clothing must be clean, tidy and in good repair.

  • A change of clothing must be brought for PE, or sports, or recreational periods.
  • If there is any doubt about suitable clothing see your Form teacher.
  • Teachers have the right to question the mufti clothing worn by Year 13 students. Senior staff have the authority and right to veto if clothing appears unsuitable.
  • Remember the wearing of mufti is a privilege for senior students. Dress smartly within these guidelines.
  • Visible body piercing or facial hair is not permitted.
  • From time to time this dress code may be reviewed with senior students.

Unsuitable Uniform Includes:

  • Jandals or similar loose footwear. These are not smart casual because the laboratories, workshops and Home Economics room require closed-in footwear anyway).
  • Bare feet (can be dangerous).
  • Inappropriate casual clothes, eg beachwear, short skirts, singlets, short shorts, hot pants and garments with low necklines.
  • T-shirts, jerseys or jackets with offensive messages or logos (check if unsure).
  • Clothing displaying advertisements for alcoholic beverages is also not permitted.

Click here for the Mufti Day Dress Code

Second-hand Uniforms

Some items of uniform may be available from the school office. For any uniform-related query please see the Office Staff, Dean or Deputy Principal responsible for uniforms.

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