Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Network

The Guidance Network aims to provide support and advice to students, so that they may enjoy and maximise their time at school and develop to their full potential. Different staff members play different roles in the guidance network, as follows:

Form Teachers

  • Attendance and uniform issues
  • Oversight of academic progress



    • Class placement
    • Course counselling and course choices
    • Exam entries
    • Behavioural issues
    • Oversight of student progress
    • Option choices

    Subject Teachers

    • Help with problems in individual subjects

    Guidance Counsellor

    • Personal, social and behavioural problems

    Head of Level

    • Overall responsibility for year levels
    • Enrolment Interviews
    • Discipline

    Guidance Personnel

    Junior Dean - Mr Michael Lawrie / Senior Leadership Support, Mrs Jo Fissenden
  • Senior Dean - Mr Tony Robson / Senior Leadership Support, Ms Gayle Cameron

    Interviews with Staff

    The Principal and staff are always available to parents/caregivers in order to discuss any matter related to the interests of their children. Appointments can be made through the School Office, phone 03 319 5138.


    Orientation Programme

    Year 7 entrants take part in an orientation programme, aimed at easing their entry into their new school. Part of this is a Peer Support programme, in which Year 13 students work directly with the new entrants to help them to settle into the school.


    Careers Advice & Transition-to-work

    All students are encouraged to seek advice and guidance on possible career choices. The STAR/ Gateway person can supply information to help students explore or refine their career options. They are also trained to administer Vocational Tests which help students identify their aptitudes and interests.

    The Gateway person can also help students explore career possibilities through the Gateway, STAR and Work Experience programmes, which enable students to gain practical experience in various jobs and/or to take courses offered by institutions other than Kaikoura High School like the Open Polytechnic, Christchurch Polytechnic, Nelson-Marlborough Institute of Technology, Industry Training Organisations and Telford Polytechnic.


    Course Counselling

    All students in Years 9-13 are encouraged to discuss with staff possible subject choices in Term 3 of the preceding year. This process involves the balancing of students interests and aptitudes with their career aspirations and their ability in each subject. This is carried out by Deans, Heads of Levels and Heads of Departments, but often involves advice from subject teachers as well. The school sees this as a very important process and encourages parents/caregivers to become involved in it as well.


    Student Goal Setting

    In Term 1 all students work with their Form Teachers to set realistic and challenging goals for themselves for the current school year. Their goals will encompass their academic aims for the year, and may cover other spheres of endeavour like sport, drama, cultural or multi-cultural activities, leadership, career aspirations and/or personal interests. During the goal setting process students will be encouraged to also consult their parents/caregivers and the other teachers who can help them with their goals - eg class teachers, Careers Advisor, sports coach, etc. Parents/caregivers are required to 'sign off' on these goals in April and Form Teachers review each student's progress towards their goals in July and October. Student goals are also included in, and reported on, in the mid-year and end-of-year school reports.


    Guidance Counselling

    Students can request appointments, or may be referred by teachers, deans, senior staff or parents. Counselling is offered over a wide range of issues. Anxiety, depression, relationships, anger, conflict, eating issues and substance use are some examples. Students can benefit from looking at difficulties they are experiencing at school, or issues that are happening outside school. Parents are welcome to contact Lisa Moffat for advice or information relating to services for young people or outside agencies. She is also a contact point for outside agencies such as Te Tai O Marokura, Family Mental Health Services and the Child, Youth and Family Service. The Guidance Department is involved in a number of activities that contribute to students' wellbeing, including the Peer Support programme which trains senior students to positively link and help with transition of the Year 7 students.


    Health Clinic

    Our Public Health Nurse comes into school every Tuesday for students to see about any health concerns. Dr Chris Henry is also available during Tuesday lunchtimes for students with any medical concerns. This is a free and confidential health service.