Pastoral Care

Regular Attendance

This is vitally important to a student’s academic achievement, and parents/caregivers are asked to ensure that absences are kept to an absolute minimum. Eighty-five percent is the suggested minimum rate of attendance for successful academic achievement. Absences caused by illness, emergencies or any other unforeseen circumstances should be covered by a note before or after the event. Predetermined absences, including family holidays, should be covered by a note to the Principal, requesting permission, ahead of the absence.

The School checks attendance every period of every day and our Student Administrator will usually contact home if any absence is unexpected or unexplained. If students arrive late to any class, they will usually have to make up the time to catch up on the work they have missed out.

Attendance Advisors

Website is Kaikōura Attendance Services Website

Our Attendance Officers within Kaikōura Attendance Services receive referrals from schools in the district, for students who are experiencing chronic absences (70% attendance rate and lower) and need some one on one support in re-engaging students back into their learning journey.
Following a referral, the Kaikōura Attendance Services will contact whānau to discuss the needs of the student and whānau and how we can offer support for them. This may involve other services in the region. They regularly work with providers such as Te Hā O Mātauranga, Mana Ake, RTLB, Kaikōura Health, Te Tai o Marokura and many more. The Attendance Officers use evidence-based planning tools to gather a holistic view and encourage whānau hui. It is important that all voices are heard throughout and everyone is kept informed. They then work with kura and whānau to put plans in place to re-engage students into their learning journey, however, that may now look.
The work doesn’t just stop when a student is back on a learning pathway. The Attendance Officers will regularly check in and support you to make sure our mahi is sustainable and moving with the needs of ākonga.

Engagement In Class

All students are expected to maintain an acceptable standard of work in all subjects, including the completion of homework and assignments. A Learning Vision document appears in every classroom – view it here.

Uniform and Ambassadorship

The appearance and behaviour of students are expected to reflect credit on the School at all times, both at school as well as in our community, as students serve as ambassadors for the School.


It is generally agreed that secondary school students cannot perform successfully at school unless they complete homework on a regular basis. Excessive time spent on homework may indicate inappropriate work habits, while minimal homework on a regular basis suggests that students may be failing to meet their commitments. In either case, it is suggested that parents/caregivers contact the form teacher to initiate a follow-up.

Homework is usually used to:

  • reinforce learning that has taken place
  • prepare for the next day’s lesson
  • develop personal work habits and independent study skills
  • extend and enhance learning

Because individual students work at very different rates, it is impossible to lay down rules for homework times. However, the following times are offered as broad guidelines to parents/caregivers:

Years 7 & 8Some homework on most days
Years 9 & 10Up to an hour most days
Year 11Between 1 and 2 hours a day
Years 12 & 132 hours or more on a regular basis

Restorative Practices

Kaikoura High School views the building and maintenance of relationships between our students, teachers, parents/caregivers, other staff, and stakeholders of the school as critical. Training has been provided to staff and students on restorative practices to constructively deal with incidents of misconduct that cause harm or damage to these relationships. Our focus is on repairing relationships and making sure that students are made accountable directly to those they have wronged in order to jointly establish a way forward that will allow the student to achieve academically. Students are given support and guidance through their form teachers, deans, heads of level and the guidance counsellor.

Waka Ako

Kaikoura High School participates in the Waka Ako/PB4L initiative in concert with every other school in Kaikoura. This community-wide programme involves creating a holistic focus on positive behaviour among students and staff and then adapting the school environment to facilitate this approach.
The aim of our participation in Waka Ako is to create positive behaviour throughout our school which enables students to engage positively with the school and in particular with their learning.

Form Teachers

Form teachers are the first point of contact. During Form Time they keep their students well informed, encourage full attendance, focus on the School’s core values and ensure that students set and achieve challenging goals. Form Teachers have an important role in Pastoral Care. From 2023 we will be operating horizontal form classes.


Follow up on issues raised by form teachers and subject teachers. This can involve:

  • Class placement
  • Course counselling and subject choices
  • Examination entries
  • Pastoral care and behaviour issues
  • Oversight of student academic progress

House Leaders

House Leaders assist Deans with attendance, uniform, lateness and other minor pastoral and behaviour issues.


Mentors assist students with Pathway planning and academic support.

Guidance Counsellor

One-on-one counselling for personal, social and behavioural issues is available.

We have access to a trained specialist who provides a private and confidential service for students from all levels. Students can request appointments or may be referred by teachers, deans, senior staff or parents. Counselling is offered over a wide range of issues. Anxiety, depression, relationships, anger, conflict, eating issues and substance use are some examples. Students can benefit from looking at difficulties they are experiencing at school, or issues that are happening outside school.

We also work with other agencies such as Te Tai O Marokura, Family Mental Health Services and the Child Youth & Family Service.

Hauora Hub

Health Clinic

Our Public Health Nurse comes into school at least once a week (Mondays and Thursdays) for students to see about any health concerns. This is a free and confidential health service.

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