Rules & Regulations

Student Behaviour

In the interests of smooth and efficient operation, the school has five school values and an informal list of rules. These are not designed to widely restrict students, but to form the basis for the development of a climate of responsibility and a sensible tone for the school. The best rule is: “Use your common sense and be courteous, considerate and responsible.”

All students are expected to maintain an acceptable standard of work in all subjects, including the completion of homework and assignments.

The appearance and behaviour of students is expected to reflect credit on the school at all times.

Cell phones and iPods are not acceptable classroom items. If they are brought into school, it is entirely at the student’s own risk, and they must remain in bags during class time under all circumstances.

The possession, use or other involvement with tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs or solvents is forbidden while at school, travelling to and from school, while in school uniform, on school trips or in association with any school activity.

Learning Expectations: Reaching for the Heights

Our learning vision is based on five values described as follows. These set clear learning expectations of our tamariki:


  • Strive for excellence in my learning


  • Respect the right of the teacher to teach
  • Show respect for my own learning
  • Respect the right of fellow learners to learn
  • Respect school as a place of learning


  • Set learning goals for me to achieve
  • Have a plan to get there: good working habits
  • Be determined to overcome obstacles
  • Achieve my goal


  • Be honest with myself about my abilities and my efforts
  • Be honest with my teachers about these
  • Engage honestly in learning


  • Support the teacher’s efforts
  • Support the learning of my fellow students
  • Help others to achieve also


Regular attendance is vitally important to a student’s success, and parents/caregivers are asked to ensure that absences are kept to an absolute minimum. Absences caused by illness, emergencies or any other unforeseen circumstances should be covered by a note after the event. Pre-determined absences, including family holidays, should be covered by a note ahead of the absence.

The school checks attendance every period of every day and will usually contact home if any absence is unexpected or unexplained. If students arrive late to any class, they will usually have to make up the time.


Students are expected to pay for any damage caused by misbehaviour or carelessness.

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