Senior Course Options

Senior Course Books

Please use the following course books (Level 1 and Level 2/3) when making your 2024 option choices. If you would like a paper copy please contact the office and we can have one sent home.

Timeline – all selections are due by the end of Term 3.

To make your choices please log into the KAMAR portal –

You need YOUR login details (same as what you use for the school network).  Once you are in you will see a heading of Course Selection.  This shows you all the Year 11-13 courses offered in 2024 at Kaikoura High.  Please note that a course will only run if sufficient numbers opt for it so having a backup course is a good idea.  You simply click an x next to the course you want e.g 11ENG.  Select 6 classes for Year 11 and 5 selected for Year 12 and 13 – it will summarize them at the end of the page.  In Year 12 or 13 a student can choose 5 or 6 classes. If 5 classes are chosen the additional option will be made up of life and study skills.

Please carefully check you are selecting the correct year level – if you select 13 Eng when you are in Year 11 it will not put you in the correct class and your choice may not be counted.  Although you can select OED, Gateway and eLearning you MUST make sure you fill in the application form for these courses from the appropriate teacher or your choice will not be considered.  Remember to SAVE your selections when done.  You can go back and change them up until the end of Term 3.

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