School Buses

To be eligible to travel on a school bus, a student must meet the requirements laid down by the Ministry of Education. To qualify for transport students must live at least 4.8 kilometres from the school. At present the following areas have bus services: Clarence, Hapuku, Inland Road, Peketa/Oaro and Suburban. In addition, students living some distance from a school bus route may be entitled to a travelling allowance. Enquiries about transport entitlements should be made at the time of enrolment, or by phoning the School Office.


Awards & Trophies

The school gives recognition to its students for achievements in a wide range of activities.

Academic Awards in each subject for:

  • Excellence
  • Merit
  • Endeavour

Sporting & Cultural Awards for:

  • Sports Championships
  • Special Trophies

Koia Koia: Reaching for the Heights

The Koia Koia system recognises when students have met our values-based learning expectations. These values are Excellence, Endeavour, Awhi, Respect and Integrity. The system is run for the whole of the student's time at Kaikoura High School, with the totals required for awards adjusted accordingly. Badges are awarded whenever a student reaches an appropriate milestone.


House Colours

The school operates a House system with four Houses named after Kaikoura people of note: Braddock, Cooke, Flower and Monk. House colours are:

  • Braddock: Green
  • Cooke: Yellow
  • Flower: Red
  • Monk: Blue

All students are allocated to a House when they are enrolled at school. Children from one family are always allocated the same House. During the year various sporting and non-sporting competitions are run, for which House points are allocated. The events are the Athletics Sports, Swimming Sports and Cross-Country, the overall winners of which receive the Piripi Paddle. All other House activities are in competition for the Inter-House Shield.

Staff are allocated to a House and provide support and encouragement for the students.

During the first House meeting of the year, the students nominate and then have a secret ballot for their two House Captains and Deputies. This meeting is run by the House teachers. Nominees are interviewed by the Principal. The role of the House Captains is to organise the students and teams in all House events and to provide student leadership and inspiration to the others.