Kaikoura High School staff and community volunteers provide a range of sports for all abilities at Kaikoura High School.

We are pleased to offer 5 main sports but have the capability to provide many other different sports. We also aim to nurture individual sports, facilitate the beginnings of new codes and tautoko community organisations that provide opportunities for our students.

Whether your aim is to just be active or participate competitively, we have opportunities for both. We pride ourselves on participation in local, regional and national competitions, but our main goal is participation, skill development and enjoyment of active recreation in our own backyard or against other schools.

The main sports on offer are Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Volleyball and Basketball, but we also support our students by taking part in codes such as Swimming, Surfing and Badminton through other organisations within our community.

We can also offer Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Ki-O-Rahi, Football, and Tennis.

We hold 3 annual inter-house competitions to win the prized Piripi Paddle at the end of the year; Swimming Sports and Athletics Day at the start of the year and the Cross Country event in Term 2. We hope to encourage friendly house competition between Hiratū and Whakatū as well as witness some great sporting talent from our students in these events.

Our students represent at Regional and National Athletics & Swimming meets, as well as annual tournaments such as the South Island Secondary Schools’ Netball tournaments, numerous Volleyball tournaments, the Year 7 & 8 Koru Games and the Hockey Marlborough Summer & Winter competitions. We also have multi-sport exchanges over the year as well as individual sporting fixtures against schools. We always welcome new competitions.

If your child participates in any sporting activities not mentioned, please be in touch and we will do our best to accommodate.

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